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Piano Care Package Deals

The Tune-Up is a package deal designed to meet the client's needs and the piano's needs in one affordable package, one appointment. This is a detail-oriented service that helps to repair or maintain your beloved piano beyond a tuning. One can notice improvement in play-ability even with the most basic level of service.


All Tune-Up services include:


  1. Tuning

  2. Pitch Adjustment (when needed)

  3. Vacuum and Dusting

  4. Stabilize

  5. Tighten action screws (hammers and whippen flanges)

  6. Tighten action brackets

  7. Pedal adjustments


There are three different services: Bronze, Silver, and, of course, Golden! Each service is three, four, and five hours respectively. These services can be used to bring your piano back to life if it hasn't been serviced in a while or to keep your piano in excellent playing condition. One of these services should be performed at least once every few years. I offer three different kinds of services for a variety of situations.


The Bronze Tune-Up is intended for the client who needs a little more than a tuning, and also for the piano which is in good working order but needs just a few adjustments to keep it from spiraling out of shape dramatically.


The Silver Tune-Up is intended for the client who needs a little more than a tuning or Bronze Tune-Up. Newer, and middle-aged pianos benefit from this service as regular maintenance as well. If the piano doesn't seem to hold a tune, or some keys are sticking or not repeating well (What's "regulation"?), this service aims to improve the problem.


The Golden Tune-Up is intended for the client who demands a high level of aesthetic, performance and endurance from their instrument, or if the piano has not seen service in more than 5 years. Clients who have just acquired a piano that is in need of some attention can also benefit from this service. This service is recommended for those looking to achieve dramatic improvement to their piano's aesthetic or performance quality. This is the ultimate "spa" treatment.


If you would like to find out which of these services would be best for you, contact us.

Learn more about the Bronze Tune-Up.

Learn more about the Silver Tune-Up.

Learn more about the Golden Tune-Up.



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