1919 Steinert "A" Grand Piano

Restored: $11,750

As is: $2,000

This 1919 Steinert grand is a unique piece I picked up from Artisan Pianos in Fitchburg. This 100 year old piano has it's original soundboard in excellent shape for its age, which is significant as the spruce used today in newer pianos is not of the same tonal quality. Soundboards produced during this era were from spruce trees that had a longer time to grow, and often has finer grain, allowing for a more consistent and fuller transfer of vibrations from the piano strings.

The Steinert piano manufacturer made lovely instruments comparable, technically easier to service, and in some cases, tonally superior to that of Steinway.


I cleaned up this piano, regulated the mechanics, and voiced for an even and warm tone. And though it is rough around the edges, it sings like a Golden Tone Piano should, and is worth trying out if you are in the market for an oldie but goodie that will serve your artistic expression well.

All original parts.

New Short Prop Stick with Ferrel.

Humidity control system (+$500).

Moving (+$500).

Initial Tuning included.

Further Restoration Options Available.

Contact me if you have any inquiries regarding this piano.

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