A Golden Tune-Up is the ideal choice for piano owners who play regularly and demand a high quality of performance from their instrument. This is also a good choice for piano owners who have not had their piano serviced in a long time and the mechanical parts are in a state that inhibits the ability to play the piano efficiently. The piano has some keys that stick or do not engage properly. Repetition is flawed and in need of correction. The parts have settled and are in need of regulation.


What you're getting:

1. Silver Tune-Up

2. Regulation of the Mechanism for improved touch and tone


2. Up to 9 of the following Minor Repairs:

Broken Key
Sticking Key
Ringing Note
Broken String
Broken Part

$800 Value Package

Upright: $489

Grand: $569

Golden Tune-Up
Six (6) Hour Service
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We will service all of New England with frequent stops in the Greater Boston Area, Providence, RI, Worcester, Northampton, Keene, NH, Nashua, Burlington, Plymouth and more. Please contact us if you're unsure we service your area.

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