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A Golden Tune-Up is the ideal choice for piano owners who play regularly and would like their piano to have to have the full spectrum of service. This is also a good choice for new piano owners who have just acquired a used instrument to give them a good foundation to start off with. If the piano has not been serviced in a long time and the mechanical parts are in a state that inhibits the ability to play the piano's full dynamic range (loud AND Soft), this is the right service to select. The piano has some keys that stick or do not engage properly. Repetition is flawed and in need of correction. The touch feels "heavy" to play. The parts have settled and are in need of regulation. Your technician will improve the piano based on your specific needs and what is possible to achieve during the reserved time.


What you're getting:

1. Silver Tune-Up


2. Regulate the Mechanism for improved touch and tone.

3. Reshape and/Or Voice hammers for even tone.

Golden Tune-Up
Seven (7) Hour Service
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